A Journey from Photographer to Lucid Dreamer

A Journey from Photographer to Lucid Dreamer

Hey everyone,

Photography has always been my passion. I was always passionate about photography and kind of obsessed with it. But you know what has become even more big passion of mine, lucid dreaming. This, for me, is a great deal that comes with no consequences. And now I have got some many lucid dreaming stories for me.

Every night I go to bed with one dream i.e. to lucid dream. I find lucid dreaming just like another world and I am the creator of this world. This is the world where everything is made to make me happy, where I can change the seasons according to the mood, where I can take the best photographs and where I can do everything that makes me completely and eternally happy.

But my journey wasn’t like this before. I was never this much happy with lucid dreaming. This journey of mine started with a terrible question, “Is lucid dreaming dangerous?”

So, Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

This must be the question inside every beginner’s head. I used to wonder for hours that, “Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?” If yes, then what can be the possible dangers and how they can be dealt with? I started exploring the stories of other lucid dreamers. And then I made a final decision. To become the one. To become the lucid dreamer.

My favorite decision

Well well, this was the best decision of my lie. To become the lucid dreamer was the greatest decision of my life and now I am kind of freaked out. Ahh! Freaked out in a better way. I just look at myself and figure out that I am so blessed, happy, loved, craze all at the same time and in a different way from others. I usually love to combine my two passions and experience then at a single time. It’s a win-win.

My first lucid dreaming story

Oh! Did I forget to mention that I am a foodie too? Well consider that too. I love eating the most. And my first lucid dream was about eating. Yeah I know it’s hard to digest and it’s funny but it’s true and this is the dream where I enjoyed most. In this dream, I was a host of a food show where I get to travel a lot of places and try a lot of food. I was like enjoying every bite of food that I was taking in the show. But the weird fact was that there was no limit to what I can take in my not too big tummy. I was able to eat as much as I can. I would’ve died eating if it wasn’t a dream. Oh, lucky me.

Apart from that, I am also a good reader so I would like to read your lucid dreaming stories. Are you ready for the adventure?

Importance of a Great AC Repair Tequesta in a Photo Studio

Importance of a Great AC Repair Tequesta in a Photo Studio

Why a Studio needs AC Repair in Tequesta FL?

Air conditioning is an essential part of our daily lives. You don’t know how much you need air conditioning repair until it breaks. Throughout winter, summer, spring and fall our homes, office buildings, cars, elevators and even kitchens need to be cooled. The fact that almost every part of our life is affected by air conditioning should make you realize the importance of a top notch local ac repair company.

Photography studios are a great example of businesses that cannot function properly without good ac. Take for example a professional photographer who specializes in shooting family portraits or professional head-shots. If his/her studio is not properly air conditioned, not only are the ‘models’ going to be uncomfortable, but the photographer will have a difficult time as well.

Behind the scenes during the Off Camera Flash shoot for Lynda.com
Behind the scenes during the Off Camera Flash shoot for Lynda.com

Photography is a precise art that requires focus and absolute accuracy. Without this kind of steady execution, the pictures will be both blurry and out of frame. As a photographer, you cannot spend half the time shivering or wiping sweat off your brow when working.
The same problem would apply to the models that choose to use your photography studio. For someone to be at their best, the environmental conditions around them must be favorable. If they want to bring out a sun-shinny side of them in the pictures, the pictures must be taken in a warm studio. If they want to bring out a cold side, it is best to have the pictures taken in a studio that is almost freezing. All these are factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right kind of ac system to maintain your studio cool. Needless to say, this would be impossible to do in a studio that has a broken AC.

Woman Sweating in studio

The Need for Great AC Repairs

Photographers need great ac repairs for their studios and especially in Florida where it is hot 10 months of the year. These Florida photographers must have 24 hour ac repair available on speed dial because photo shoots happen day or night. AC could be the one thing that keeps you from losing out on a lot of business. We all know that sometimes things go wrong at the worst possible moment. You could be waiting for your most important client and they will not take kindly to unprofessional hot studio. You could even miss out on a great referral to a high caliber of client. Should you need even cheap ac repair, you could look bad in front of clients. Simply telling the client that you usually run a well maintained studio will not cut it. High profile clients do not like excuses. They expect a great studio experience.

In conclusion, when you need an air conditioning repair company, you should look for one based on referrals. A company that has a great reputation with lots of referrals and can give you an ac repair cost estimate accurately and affordably. You want to ensure that you do not lose out on business because your ac is broken or not cooling properly. That is why I highly recommend you get a couple of estimates from the same place I did. I went to the best ac repair Florida directory website and you should too.

Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

Beth Moon, a photographer based in San Francisco, has been searching for the world’s oldest trees for the past 14 years. She has traveled all around the globe to capture the most magnificent trees that grow in remote locations and look as old as the world itself.

“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment” writes Moon in her artist statement.

Sixty of Beth Moon’s duotone photos were published in a book titled “Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”. Here you can have a sneak preview of the book, full of strangest and most magnificent trees ever.

More info: bethmoon.comabbeville.com (h/t: colossal)

Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

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